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Majestic Hand Painted Guru Padmasambhava Gold Plated Statue

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Guru Padmasambhava is also known as Guru Rinpoche. This majestic statue is handmade in Nepal and hand painted by our skilled artist Meenu Shakya. The robe of the statue is amazingly painted using the new embossed painting method. The jewelry of Guru Padmasambhava is glowing along with his face.

This statue is made with full dedication and passion. Our Artist Meenu Shakya explore her painting skills and that is the reason the statue looks amazingly perfect. The face of the statue is gold painted. The lotus is painted on all over his body. The back side of Guru Padmasambhava is painted with dragon.

Padmasambhava was the most powerful apostle of Tantricism and is a very eminent saint in the spiritual lineage of the Nyingmapa order of Tibetan Buddhism of which he was the founder. He was born out of a lotus flower (Padma), in Lake Dhankasha in Udiayana, an ancient city of India. He received great notoriety as a powerful exorcist and was invited by King Trisong Detsen in ca. 715 to come to Tibet to subdue the local spirits obstructing the introduction of Buddhism. Using Phur-Pa (ceremonial "tent-stake") rituals, Padmasambhava convinced the local spirits to become protectors of the Dharma (Dharmapalas). He lived in Tibet for 50 years.

Size: 14" H X 8.6" W X 7.3" Depth
Weight: 5380 grams approx.