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Majestic 24K Gold Gilted Green Tara Statue 14" H

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Introducing the Majestic Green Tara Statue, a true masterpiece crafted by the master artisans Nhuche Raj Shakya in Patan. Adorned with a radiant 24-karat gold gilt, this statue embodies serenity, grace, and divine beauty. Invite the blessings of Green Tara into your space with this remarkable work of art.

Size: 14" Height X 11.5" Wide X 7" Depth
Weight: 4935 gm approx

Elevate your spiritual sanctuary with the Majestic Green Tara Statue, and experience a multitude of benefits in your home:

  •     Protection and Guidance:  Green Tara is revered as a compassionate deity who offers protection, guidance, and swift assistance to those in need. Having her presence in your home can invoke a sense of divine protection and guidance in your life's journey.
  •     Compassion and Wisdom:  Green Tara symbolizes boundless compassion and wisdom. Her serene countenance serves as a reminder to cultivate these qualities in your own life, fostering a compassionate and wise approach to challenges and interactions.
  •     Inner Peace and Serenity:  The presence of Green Tara creates a serene atmosphere in your home, offering a respite from the chaos of the outside world. Meditating or simply gazing upon the statue can help you find inner peace, tranquility, and a deeper connection with your spiritual self.
  •     Inspiration and Spiritual Growth:  The Majestic Green Tara Statue serves as a source of inspiration, encouraging spiritual growth and self-discovery. Her divine energy can inspire you to explore new dimensions of consciousness and expand your understanding of the world and your place within it.
  •     Fulfillment of Wishes:  Green Tara is believed to grant wishes and fulfill aspirations. By connecting with her energy and expressing your heartfelt desires, you may find that obstacles are removed, and your goals manifest with greater ease.
  •     Aesthetically Pleasing Focal Point:  Beyond its spiritual significance, the Majestic Green Tara Statue is a visually captivating work of art. It adds an aesthetic charm and becomes a focal point in your home, drawing admiration from guests and creating a sense of beauty and harmony in your living space.

Embrace the profound benefits of having the Majestic Green Tara Statue in your home, and invite divine blessings, compassion, wisdom, and spiritual transformation into your life and surroundings.