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Mahakala Home Decor Wooden Wall Hanging Halloween Mask

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This is a beautifully handcarved wooden mask of Mahakala . The carvers from Sindupalchowk, a village about 60 miles from Kathmandu, carved this amazing mask entirely using the ancient old technique of carving which they learnt from their older generation.

Mahakala is the protector. It is said that Mahakala is the manifesation of Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara. From the Heart of Arya Avalokitesvhara emerged a dark blue Hung letter, which transformed into the Instantaneous Protector of wisdom. Buddha Amitabha proclaimed thus.

This fierce Mahakala has a long black floating hairs, three eyes, sharp tiger teeth and skulls hair band around the head.

Size: 16.5"x12"x5"
Weight: 1520 grams approx

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