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Lotus Design Round Wooden Incense Burner

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These incense burners are made of wood and are carved meticulously with the design of flower petals.

These beautiful wooden Incense Holder(also known as Incense Burners) are hand carved by our artists and form a shape of a Lotus flower. The incense has a big hole to hold incense sticks without the thin wood. There are 4 small holes surrounding the big hole to hold the incense with thin wood. These incense holders hold the incense in a right manner to collect all the ash and remains after the incense has burnt. These are handmade in Nepal. The lovely design of a flower a sign of devotion, offering and love.

Material: Wood
Size: 3.8" diameter
Weight: 15 grams

Note: These beautiful incense burners are hand carved and each burners are uniquely made. There might be some variations in carving of each incense burner.