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Lionhearted Illumination Five Buddha Stupa with Crystal Bowl and Turquoise Adornments on Majestic Lions

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Elevate your space with the profound symbolism of the Pancha Buddha Stupa. This exquisite masterpiece stands 70 cm tall and features a captivating blend of copper craftsmanship and intricate filigree work. Resting atop the stupa is a crystal bowl adorned with a turquoise stone, radiating tranquility and spiritual resonance.

The stupa showcases five Buddha figures, each symbolizing a path to enlightenment. Standing gracefully on four distinct lion stands, the artwork embodies both strength and wisdom. The combination of original stones enhances its beauty, infusing each detail with authenticity.

Experience the harmonious fusion of craftsmanship and symbolism as you invite the Pancha Buddha Stupa into your space. This meticulously crafted piece not only graces your surroundings with aesthetic elegance but also carries a deep spiritual essence that resonates with seekers and admirers alike.

Materials used:
Crafted from Copper Sheets with Intricate Filigree Work Adorned with Various Types of Genuine Stones Supported by Four Lion Stand Bases

Total Height: 70 cm (27.6 inches)
Length x Width: 48 cm x 48 cm (18.9 inches x 18.9 inches)