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Ling Gesar Silk Banner Prayer Flags

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This is a Tibetan Ling Gesar silk prayer flags Handmade in Nepal.
In this prayer flags, Ling Gesar is surrounded by his associated mantras and prayers.

Gesar represents the principle of warrior-ship in the sense that the confident warrior conducts themselves with a gentle, fearless, and open hearted intelligence in all aspects of life. King Gesar’s heroic task is to overcome the dark forces, both outer and inner, that bring war and hardship and obscure the spiritual path. Gesar’s ultimate victory promises that peace, harmony and enlightenment will prevail in the world.

This colorful flag depicts King Gesar in the center bearing his magical weapons and riding on his winged steed.

Size: 37" x 25"
Weight: 50 grams approx


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