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Lavender Tibetan Natural Cone Incense

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These are handmade Lavender cone incense from Nepal . These Cone incenses are made from delicate blends of Lavender, exotic flowers, selected herbs and spices. They provide gentle aroma and create a spiritual mood.

The incense is formulated from numerous fragrant spices, flowers and others medicinal plants found in high altitude of Nepal. They are collected and carefully blended to obtain a perfect aroma. As a result, the fragrance is healthy, chemical free and completely non-toxic. Its fragrance enhances mind, spirituality, creativity, concentration, reduces anxiety and aids in healing, meditation or relaxation. It can also be used to perform rituals. The powerful fragrance relaxes our senses and brings positive energy to our soul.

In the beginning the cone incense tip burns for 20 to 25 seconds

Incense Size: 1.2"
Incense Count: 25 Cones with stand
Total Incense Weight: approx 30 grams