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Large Tibetan Windhorse Prayer Flag, 25 Sheets of Tibetan Lungta

  • $9.90

This is large sheets of prayer flag handmade in Nepal. These are the polyester prayer flag that contains 25 sheets in a single roll. In this prayer flag, Tibetan mantra has been printed and in the center of the flag the picture of windhorse is printed.

Windhorse prayer flag is the most common prayer flags in Buddhisms. The ‘Windhorse’, also known as Lung-ta in Tibetan represent Wish Fulfilling Jewel of Enlightenment and is an important symbol inscribed onto Tibetan prayer flags. It is believed that prayers and mantras will be spread by the wind and bring good will and compassion to benefit all beings.

The prayer flags are attached to a nylon string that is strong and durable so that you can easily hang this prayer flag in the garden or at the roof of your house or at monasteries.

Size: 8”x8”
Total Length: 204”
Weight: 85 grams approx

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