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Rudrakshya Seeds Shiva Shakti Prayer Mala

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Rudrakshya is a seed of a tree which grows in the Himalayan range mostly in Nepal and India. Rudrakshya also means Rudra's (SHIVA's) Tear Drops. It is the best form of organic jewelry, bracelet or mala.

Usually beads of Rudrakshya are strung together to form malas or bracelets. Malas or bracelets have one extra bead in the center which is called BINDU(point). If a mala does not have a BINDU, it is believed that the energy is cyclical and the wearer feels dizzy.

Rudrakshya beads are categorized according to the faces/partitions they have. The most expensive and rarest of the rare is a single faced or EK MUKHI rudrakshya and other multiple faced ones are cheaper and abundant. This particular one is Five Faced or Panch Mukhi which has a greater spiritual value and used mostly to make bracelets and Prayer malas.

It is believed that by wearing a Rudrakshya, one can benefit of having the protection of Lord Shiva. Rudrakshya has been used by Hindus worldwide to perform Japa, meditation and also used as ritual items.

86 Cm (one end to another end) or 34 inches
0.8cm H X 1.6 cm L (Beads Size) or 0.3"H X 0.6"L
Weight: 150 grams Approx.