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Lapchi NeSang Powder Incense

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This Lapchi powder incense is made of 100% natural herbs. This powder incense is is excellent for purifying one's environment or for offering the deities.

According to the Buddha's teaching, the Lapchi snow mountain range is the sacred teaching of Chakrasamvara. Not only because Lapchi was blessed by Chakrasamvara but also because this was Jetsun Milarepa's long-term retreat. In addition, Lapchi was blessed by many masters such as Saraha, Shatha Rakita, Yuthok Yonten Gonpo and the eminent students of the famous ancestor Lord Jigten Sumgon. Lapchi has an altitude of over 4600 m above sea level, due to special geographical conditions, Lapchi is always surrounded by fresh air all year round and abundant natural resources including many wild herbs. . Ingredients: rhododendron, juniper, pamo and other aromatic plants

Paper Box Size : 7"x 4.5"
Weight: 120 grams approx