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Ayurvedic Formula Himalayan Kapha Aromatic Amulet

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Himalayan Kapha Aromatic Amulet contains ayurvedic herbs that are pungent and revives scents designed to energize and refresh.

The ancient Asian healing system of ayurveda teacahes that three basis forces, the tridoshas(kapha, Vata, Pitta) exist in everything in this universe and influence all mental and physical processes. We are all born with a particular balance of these doshas. Our body type, temrepament, and susceptibility to illness are largely governed by our predominant doshas.

Kapha people tend to have the most stable and grounded natures of the three dosha types. When balanced, they are as solid and centered as a mountain-consistent, calm, patient and thorough. Good listeners and caregivers, balanced kaphas are loving, peaceful, compassionate and supportive. If out of balance, Kapha people may become controlling, greedy and materialistic. When completely out of balance they become lethargic and lazy. Although Kapha people are slow to anger, their explosive rage is uncontainable when finally provoked.

Kapha types gain weight easily and are usually well-nourished and healthy. Once they learn something, they seldom forget it. Their friendly, open dispositions makes them excellent managers, but their stable natures can lead to mental and emotional dullness. Kapha types benefit from pungent and reviving scents that break up their natural inclination towards lethargy.

Ingredients: Cinnamomum camphora, Elletaria cardamomum, Abelmoschus moschatus.

SIZE: 1 x1 inches
Weight: 7 grams

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