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Silver Plated Stone Inlaid Four arms Chenrezig Statue

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This statue is 13.2 inch high and handmade in Nepal. Our artist who is an expert in statue making is now a fourth generation artist and has done a marvelous job on this statue. The silver plating is done all over the face and body. The robe of the statue is decorated with coral, Turquoise and gemstone. The jewelry of the Chenrezig is detailed and finely carving.

Chenrezig is the God of Compassion. His mantra is Om Mani Padme Hum or the six syllables mantra. The two hands of the Chenrezig is folded in the posture of Namaste and the other two hands are raised close to the shoulders holding lotus and garland in an infinite loop. The crown covers the head and flows down to the neckline. Two big floral earrings are pierced in the ears which elongates down the shoulders. The Chenrezig is seated in the EK Padma or Single Lotus.

Size: 13" Height X 9" Wide X 6" Depth
Weight: 3705 grams approx