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Himalayan Juniper and Sal Dhoop Rope Incense

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1. Juniper Dhoop:
Juniper Plant, one of the rare herbs found in the Himalayan Region of Nepal is so pleasingly aromatic that it is found to have many practical uses giving rise to spiritual and religious culture. The dried form of Juniper Plant when incinerated gives our smoke that has a particularly soothing effect upon the nerves and is therefore able to alleviate mental stress.

2. Sal Dhoop:
This is a special kind of Rope Incense which is hand prepared for Puja (worship of god and goddess) in Hindu and Buddhist religion. It is also believed that the Sal Dhoop or incense is used for the healing of mental tension and is non toxic and non addictive.


    Length of Rope incense = 12 cm
    No. of Incense in a Pack = 50

Weight: 50 grams