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High Quality Large Singing Bowls for Therapy and Healing Note# B

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These are specially made Authentic Therapy bowls which are made specifically for use in healing, sound therapy and deep meditation. These are flawless bowls which are smooth and shiny. These bowls specifically comprise of Seven Metals:- Gold, Silver, Mercury, Copper, Iron, Tin and Lead. The sound and vibration remain constant and are powerful and precise.

A story to share: When our artisans start the process of making these special bowls, after we make the mix of these seven metals, a special and small cut piece of ancient old vintage singing bowl from the treasures of monastery is also added into the mix. This special small cut piece is considered the high blessing from the deities.

Our artisans comprise of Tamrakars who are an ethnic caste of Newars who are specialized in making Copper and Bronze products. Tamra, also called TAMA means Copper in English and Kar means Worker. Together it becomes Tamrakar meaning Copper Worker.

We only have this single set of bowls which have been achieved with the highest skills and experience. This is an exquisite healing bowls. The bowls are heart warming in look. A set hardly comes by after checking hundreds of bowls.

Therapy Bowl :11.3" diameter X 4" Depth
Felt Flat Cushion=6" round
Wooden Stick= 7"L
White Felt Drum Stick=11"L
Note# B 

Therapy Bowl: 1720-1740 grams
Cushion: 40 grams
Wooden Stick= 90 grams
White Felt Drum Stick=140 grams