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High Quality Jambala Water Offering Copper Set (Chutor)

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The Dzambhala Water Offering Set, also known as Chutor, is a sacred ritual in Tibetan Buddhism dedicated to Dzambhala, the wealth deity. Jambala symbolizes prosperity and abundance. Devotees seek blessings for material wealth and spiritual growth through prayers and offerings, emphasizing generosity and compassion.

In this practice, water is symbolically offered to Dzambhala as a means of cultivating generosity, abundance, and prosperity. The water offering is typically accompanied by prayers, mantras, and visualizations aimed at purifying one's mind and creating positive karmic connections related to wealth and material well-being. This practice is believed to help practitioners develop a mindset of generosity and abundance while also fostering spiritual growth and inner peace.

Kettle size: 3.5" H x 6" W x 3.3" Base
Weight: 505 g approx.

Base pot size: 2"H x 9.4" Top Diameter x 6.3" Base Diameter
Weight: 780 g approx.

Plate size: 0.6" H x 3.2" Top Diameter x 2.3" Base Diameter
Weight" 50 g approx. each x 7

Stand size: 3"H x 1.6" W
Weight: 45 g approx.

Height: 6.75"
Total weight: 1.66 kg