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Medicine Buddha Healing Tibetan Prayer Flag

Original price US$6.90 - Original price US$24.90
Original price
US$6.90 - US$24.90
Current price US$6.90

These Healing Buddha Tibetan Prayer flags are made of Pure Cotton and comes in rolls of 5 gift pack. We are offering Single Roll of 10 flags and Gift Pack of 5 rolls containing 50 flags. You can choose whichever you want in the variations.
This Prayer flag is dedicated to Medicine buddha and is finely printed with Medicine Buddha and the mantras associated with the deity.

20 cm W X 24 cm H
8 inches X 9inches H
2.15 Meter long each Flag

Weight: Approx. 300 grams

When the prayer flags and mantras have faded away, put up a new prayer flag. If you no longer want the old one to keep hanging alongside the new one, kindly burn or bury them respectfully.