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Handpainted Buddhist Ritual 100 Deities Wooden Torma

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This is a hand painted 100 deities wooden Torma handmade in Nepal. Torma making is a very skilled art and they can come in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes. This wooden Torma can be placed at shrine. This Torma is painted with Dorjee and lotus at the top.

The Tibetan word “torma” has two parts. The first syllable “tor” is a verb that means to “throw out.” In the Vajrayana sadhana practices, tormas made of barley flour, butter and other ingredients are literally placed outside as a gesture of making offering and generosity. The inner sense of throwing out is understood as the severing of attachment to desirable things–cutting through one’s entrapment in desire. It can also mean the throwing out of kleshas—severing from, or purifying, conditioned emotional reactions that cause so much suffering for oneself and others.

The second syllable “ma” is a feminine ending, which evokes a maternal, nurturing quality. Understanding the true meaning of this simple syllable is a means of cultivating loving kindness for all sentient beings much as a mother feels love for her children. So, with the first syllable one severs attachment to self-center. Having removed that obstacle, with the second syllable one may radiate love and sympathy to others. This is the rich inner meaning of offering torma.

Total Size: 16" Height X 4.5" Width X 4.5" Depth
Weight: 449 grams approx