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Handmade Nepalese Rope Incense Set of 6 Fragrance

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This is a special set of Nepalese rope incense handmade in Nepal. Rope incense composed different ingredients that are natural.

The incense can use for daily ritual activities. This special set of 6 incense contains the following incense:
1. Lemon Grass Rope Incense:
Lemongrass Dhoop is a special kind of Rope Incense which is hand prepared for Puja (worship of god and goddess) in Hindu and Buddhist religion. It is also believed that the Lemongrass Dhoop or incense is used for the healing of mental tension and is non toxic and non addictive.

2. Patchouli Rope Incense:
Patchouli dhoop/incense has been much prized herb and symbol of peace and love. The aroma is strong, sweet and spicy.

3. Tashi Delek Rope Incense:
Tashi Incense is one of the ancient traditional art of monastic order of Tibet which composes 30 different ingredients like redwood, saffron, Negi etc.

4. Amitabha Buddha Rope Incense:
This ritual incense is one of the ancient traditional art of the monastic orders of Tibet. It is composed of 25 different ingredients and they are saffron, Nagi, Red and White sandalwood etc.

5. Satya Sai Baba Nag Champa Rope Incense:
Nag Champa Dhoop/Incense is made of natural herbs, gums, resinoids and wood. It gives the most enchanting aroma. This aroma is formulated to give pleasure, prosperity and peace.

6. Lumbini Rope Incense:
This incense has special manner for preparation and is one of the ancient tradition of the monastic order of Tibet. It is composed of 25 ingredients of which saffron, nagi, Red sandal wood form a part.

Size: 3.5"
Weight: 171 grams approx