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HandCrafted Tibetan Wooden Box for the Ritual Treasure Vase- Three Jewels

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This exquisite square box is designed to hold the sacred treasure vase bhumpa, making it a cherished item for practitioners. Adorned with double dorje symbols at the pinnacle of its design, it exudes an aura of spiritual significance. The sides is intricately embellished with the Buddhist symbol "Three Jewels", symbolizing Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha. A transparent glass panel at the front elegantly showcases the bhumpa, adding a touch of reverence to its presentation. This box not only serves as a functional storage unit but also as a decorative piece that resonates with the essence of Tibetan spirituality.

Please note treasure vase is not included with the wooden box.

Size: 10" L x 10" B
Weight: 3.37 kg approx.