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Hand Painted Shakyamuni Buddha Resin Statue

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The Hand Painted Shakyamuni Buddha Resin Statue is a divine representation of serenity and enlightenment. Standing in an elegant posture, this meticulously crafted statue captures the essence of Shakyamuni Buddha, the awakened one, through intricate details and vibrant hand-painted colors.

Crafted from durable resin, the statue not only embodies the spiritual significance of Buddha but also offers a lasting and visually stunning addition to any space. The artistry in the painting brings to life the compassion and wisdom associated with Buddha, making it a focal point for contemplation and mindfulness.

Whether as a centerpiece for your meditation space or an aesthetically pleasing element in your decor, this statue serves as a powerful reminder of the path to enlightenment and inner peace. The hand-painted details elevate it beyond a mere art piece, turning it into a symbol of spiritual grace and timeless beauty.

Size: 6" L x 4" W x 8.8" H
Weight: 1.07 kg approx.