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Hand Painted Little Ganesh Wall Hanging Mask - Black

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Behold this exquisite Lord Ganesha mask, meticulously crafted by our master artisan hailing from Changu Narayan. Each intricate detail of this handmade masterpiece is delicately carved and adorned with a resplendent golden hue, showcasing the artisan's precision and dedication.

Lord Ganesha, revered as the harbinger of new beginnings in Hindu culture, graces this mask with his presence. His worship precedes all other deities and ventures, symbolizing enlightenment and auspiciousness.

This stunning mask serves not only as a decorative piece for your home or office but also as a conduit for spiritual reverence. Easily hung in any space, it embodies the timeless allure of Hindu iconography and craftsmanship.

Size: 10" H x 6" W
Weight: 175 grams approx