Guru Padmasambhava Tibetan Prayer Flags


This is a handmade Tibetan Prayer flags printed with Tibetan Guru Padhmasambhava. This is a Tibetan Cotton prayer flag dedicated to Tibetan deities Guru Padmasambhava. n Tibetan, Guru Padmasambhava is generally referred to as Guru Rinpoche, which means "precious master." Guru Rinpoche is a totally enlightened being, a fully awakened one, a buddha.

The image of the Guru is prominently pictured on the prayer flag with his mantras all around.

This prayer flag is entirely made of mixed cotton and is printed with a handmade wooden block print using natural colors. These prayer flags contain 10 sheets of flags in each roll. The flags are printed in a all Red sheets.

Size: 8"x 8"
Total Length: 83"
Total Sheet: 10
Weight: 55 grams approx

Due to the manual measurement, please allow 1-2 inch differences