Turquoise Toned Floral Motifs Carved Vairochana Buddha Resin Statue 7 inch High

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This is a beautifully handmade Turquoise toned Vairochana Buddha resin statue which has floral motifs all over the robe and dragon carving at the back side of the lotus. These are alternative and affordable statues which costs relatively lower than the expensive metal statues. These statues are made from as a replica of the original metal statues. The use of resin makes the statue much lighter and affordable. The only difference in these statues and metal statues are the use of materials. Apart from that, everything else is quite identical.

Vairocana is established as the universal Buddha from whom all Buddhas emanate. He is hailed as the source of enlightenment who resides free from causes and conditions.

Size : 4.9"L X 3"B X 7.1"H
Weight : 980 grams

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