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Green Tara Wish Fulfilling Bhutanese Incense

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This unique and high quality incense is an exclusively prepared as a special offering to Green Tara. The composition of Green Tara is based on sacred Buddhist tantric text of incense making. By offering this incense to fulfill our wishes by bringing good luck, happiness and prosperity and ultimate enlightenment to the land of bliss or paradise.

Bhutanese Incense formula is a traditional Bhutanese medication for stress and tension that has been used for centuries and is a tribute to various Tibetan deities. These are effective, non-toxic, non-addictive and made of purely natural herbal ingredients prepared entirely by hand according to ancient Bhutanese medical practices.

Burning incense is an important ritual in all major Buddhist traditions, but the purpose and symbolism of incense are slightly different for each tradition. In Buddhism, incense acts as an offering to Buddhas, or enlightened ones, as well as a symbol for various aspects of Buddhist belief and an aid to positive thoughts and actions.

Length of incense stick = 23 cm/ 9”
No. of Incense Sticks: 27
125 grams