Green Tara Tibetan Prayer Flags


This is a handmade Tibetan Prayer flags printed with Tibetan deities Green Tara.T his is a Tibetan Cotton prayer flag dedicated to Green Tara. Green Tara embodies the Earth element. Born from the tear of the Bodhisattva Avolokiteshvara, she vowed to return in female form until all beings were liberated. She is a powerful goddess, a Bodhisattva who helps us to overcome obstacles and cultivate and generate our inner compassion.

This prayer flag is entirely made of mixed cotton and is printed with a handmade wooden block print using natural colors. These prayer flags contain 10 sheets of flags in each roll. The flags are printed in a all Green sheets.

Size: 8"x 8"
Total Length: 83"
Total Sheet: 10
Weight: 55 grams approx

Due to the manual measurement, please allow 1-2 inch differences