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Green Color Namgyalma Powerful Mantra Printed Cotton Prayer Flags

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This is a cotton prayer flags which is printed with Namgyalma mantra. This prayer flag is handmade in Nepal.

The Namgyalma mantra is extremely powerful and is the main mantra to purify and liberate beings from the lower realms, purify negative karma, and help those who are dying or have died by chanting it in their ear or placing it on their body.

The Namgyalma mantra is the primary mantra that is recited in order to help liberate sentient beings from the lower realms where suffering is tenfold. It is also the main mantra that is used in order to purify the beings and help by purify their negative karma. This very powerful mantra is often also whispered into the ear of those who are in the process of dying or are already dead, so that they can receive the benefit of purification.

The Namgyalma mantra is Om Bhrum Soha Om Amrita Ayur Da Dai Soha

Size: 27"x 26"
Weight: 100 grams approx

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