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Golden Flower Printed Lokta Paper Wall Decor

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This wall decor paper is hand made in Nepal. The paper is made from Himalayan Eco Friendly lokta paper. This paper are hand printed by Nepalese women.

Lokta paper is a traditional handmade Nepali paper made from Lokta fiber, a native bast fiber renown for its strength and durability. Lokta, botanically known as Daphne Bhoula or Daphne Papyracea is found at the altitude of 6500 feet to 9500 feet from the sea level, is an indigenous plant of Nepal. Lokta plant is harvested by cutting its stem at ground level ensuring its main roots are not destroyed, thus conserving the forest ecology.

The objectives of making lokta paper sheets is to contribute towards the environment conservation using eco friendly lokta paper.

This flower printed lokta paper can use to decor a wall, wrap a present, make any fun activities with children, invitation card, covering lampshade and many more.

Size: 20"x 30"
Weight: 25 grams approx