Gold Toned Thangka of Tibetan Green Tara 58x45cm

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This is a beautifully Handpainted Green Tara Tibetan Thangka Painting which has come from the Birth Place of Buddha-Nepal. It has been painted on a cotton canvas. The intricate brush strokes, the beautiful color and the various aspects shown in this thangka makes it very powerful and blessed. The paint is natural and is extracted from Minerals and Vegetable Pigments. Even gold dust is used in exquisite thangka paintings.

Every painting is nicely packed with hand made lokta paper and is put inside a strong non bendable PVC Pipes for expedition.

We also offer Silk Brocade Framing for the Thangka, please select Brocade option.

Painting Size : 23"H X 18"W approx.