Gold Plated Vasundhara Bodhisattva Statue 9"


This is a very fine handmade statue of Vasundhara. Vasundhara is the Goddess of wealth or abundance as like here Brahmanic counter part Laxmi.

She is portrayed on sitting on a double lotus pedestal in a posture similar to Tara. She holds a bundle of Jewels and exhibits Varada Mudra in right hand. She is like Laxmi in Hindu Mythology.

The face of the statue is gold painted. The statue is made from copper and polished in a way to give it shiny looks.

Size: 9.2" H x 6" W x 4" D
Weight: 2200 grams approx

Some precautions you should keep in mind when cleaning gold statues.
• In the case of gold painted on face, do not touch or not to clean with cold water. Gently wipe the dust with soft cotton.
• Do not use scrubbing cloths that are highly abrasive. Similarly, avoid using steel wool or metal bristled brushes as they will leave scratches on the surface of the Statue.
• Try avoiding touching gold statues too much. Oil from your hands can hasten the tarnishing process and reduce the life of your gold objects.