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Gold Plated Eternal White Tara Statue with Silver Filigree and Turquoise

  • $1,190.00

This is a gold plated White Tara Statue handmade in Nepal. The artist who made this statue is now a forth generation statue maker and is extremely talented which can be seen in the fine, intricate and smooth details of the statue.

The lower body of White Tara is beautifully decorated with silver filigree and inlaid with faux Turquoise, Lapis and coral.

White Tara is a goddess which embodies the spirit of Compassion. She wears the Bodhisattva ornaments. A Bodhisattva vow is to continue to return to this world until the enlightenment of all sentient beings. She has seven eyes, the two usual ones, one in the middle of her forehead and eyes in her hands and feet. This symbolizes that all of her activities are done with omniscient awareness. She is said to bring health and prolong life. Operating from the space of this compassionate love generates a long and fulfilling life.

Size: 9"Hx7"Wx4"D
Weight: 1785 grams approx


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