Goh Sung Large Door Protector Mantra Amulet


This is a square door protector with the mantra of Goh Sung. This amulet is to be placed above the entrance to shield from all the bad fortune. This amulet has a small picture of two scorpions placed above a paper folded into many folds and wrapped by the five element colors Red, Blue, White, Orange and Green.

Goh Sung (Protection Mantra to be kept on entrance)

It should be placed in the main entrance of home, office and shop facing the image outside in the most visible form. The Dik Pa Ragya mantra was created by HH Jatral Sangye Dorji Rinpoche and its for protection against bad evil spirit, it's harmful spiritual power and protection against robbery. Many of the Buddhist believe and keep it on the door as a shield from all the bad fortune.

Size: 6.4"X6.4"

As command of Pema Tho Treng Tsal (Guru Rinpoche), 
And the prophecy of Mar Nag Mey Trang ( Guru Drakpo), along with the great secrecy words of the Hung Nag Namkhai Dorje ( Guru Drakpo) wherever this mantra is placed, samaya transgressors and evil spirits should never bring any harm. Go away for this place, even if your smell come around here, it is certain that blazing iron scorpion will drink your heart’s blood. SAMAYA GYA GYA GYA. 

This protecting mantra was given to Rigzin Long Sal Nyingpo by Ekajati. 

This profound door protection was discovered from treasure teaching of  Terton Drudrul.