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Gift Wrapping Nepalese Lokta Textured Paper Sheets

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These are recycled Nepalese Lokta Paper Textured Sheets which have been dyed in Natural Vegetable and Mineral Pigment colors. These sheets can be used to wrap gifts or used as wall papers or for other paper crafts. The texture and form of the sheet will not deter even if it is folded or ball wrapped.

This paper is made entirely by the local women co-operative Forest community involved in ecological treatment and preservation of forest. This form of paper production is Eco-Friendly as the harvesting of lokta Bark which is the primary ingredient of the process does not effect growth or survival of the tree. It is one of the strongest papers which is not affected by insects or weather. These papers are believed to be used many centuries ago. Documents and texts which are centuries old are still found in Nepal which were written on these papers.

Size: 28"LX18"B
Weight: 22 grams