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Ganesha Pendant Om with Garnet Charm Necklace

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This is a beautifully hand carved Ganesha Pendant. The pendant can be wear with any kind of chain of your choice. The Ganesh is  is one of the most popular deity in Hindu culture and is considered the eliminator of obstacles. Hindus worship Lord Ganesh To begin any auspicious work or enterprise in hope that they may accomplish their work successfully. This locket can be wear during meditation or even while traveling. You can also hang it in your bag.

Material: Pendants are  Silver plated on  the White Metal
Chain is 925 Silver Sterling
Size of Pendant: 2cm
weight of pendant: 3.69 grams approx (all 3 pendants)

Size of Chain: 19" round
Weight of chain: 2.00 grams approx 

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