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Flower Carved Wooden Incense Burner

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These wooden incense burners are carved meticulously with the design on flower petals.

These beautiful wooden Incense Holder(also known as Incense Burners) are handcarved by our artists and form a shape of a round flower. The incense has a big hole to hold incense sticks without the thin wood. There are 4 small holes surrounding the big hole to hold the incense with thin wood. These incense holders hold the incense in a right manner to collect all the ash and remains after the incense has burnt. These are handmade in Nepal. The lovely design of a flower a sign of devotion, offering and love.

Material: Wood
Size:9.5cm Diameter X 0.8 cm H OR 3.75" Diameter X 0.3" H
Weight: 45 grams