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Five Roll Tibetan Prayer Wheel with Tashitage Mantra

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This is a 5 in 1 Copper Prayer Wheel in a beautiful round metal frame embossed with Tibetan Eight Auspicious symbols and Om Mani mantra. The 5 copper prayer wheels are filled with paper rolls full of powerful Om Mani Mantra inside the hollow cylinder. The outer is embossed with two line Om Mani Mantra. The frame is embossed with Lotus petals, Om Mani Mantras and have tibetan eight auspicious symbols at the base of the stand.

This is a master piece and has a lot of intricate work and embossing. The artist has truly shown off his artistic work in this beautiful prayer wheel.

Prayer wheels have a very powerful purpose in the Tibetan culture. 

Dimension/Size: 7.1 "H X 5" diameter

Weight: 655 grams