Felt Coin Purse decorated with Flower & Beads
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Felt Coin Purse decorated with flower & Beads

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This is a beautifully hand felted coin purse which has been decorated with multiple sunflowers, leafs and beads.

These days, felt items are gaining popularity more as fancy items and fashionable goods. As such, demand of felt items are gradually picking up and large volumes of felt items, in form of Purse, hand bags, slippers, hats etc are exported from Nepal each year. Manufacturers are also continuously modifying their products by adding contemporary designs and attributes.

Hand made in Nepal
Our felt coin purse are hand felted with dedication and lots of love by the local Nepalese Women
from the Kathmandu valley in our small workshop. Slight variation in color, size, shape and flower pattern enhances the individuality, making each piece unique and special.

Size: 4" H X 6" W
Weight :40 grams


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