Felt Balls Square Car seat Mat

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Our production artists have woven these beautiful Multi color Felt Mat/Rugs to the finest detail. These are produced from the export quality finest sheep wool from New Zealand and Australia. The color dyeing is done under the specifications of Eco-friendly Swiss Technology CLARIANT Color Dying process. Hence, the colors come out so vibrant and perfect. These Felt Rugs not only look beautiful adding a vibrant color to your room but also takes the chill off the flooring. These are going to be perfect addition to any home or business. These are sure eye-catchers and are so soft that you want to keep walking or sit on them.

It can be used as a Car Seat Mat, yoga mat, meditation Mat or to place your valuable crystal ware or other valuable home decor.

Mat Size = 40cm
Material = Felt Balls
Each Ball Size = 1"
Weight = 700 grams