Faux Turquoise 108 Prayer Mala, Tibetan Faux Turquoise Japa Mala
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Faux Turquoise 108 Prayer Mala

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These are beautiful resin faux Turquoise toned beaded necklaces with tassel. The color tone and shiny beads match the perfection. These are handmade tassel necklace with 108 beads and a guru bead at the center.

The Sanskrit word "mala" means "garland." A mala is a string of beads used to count repetitions in Buddhist practices--prostrations, recitations of mantras, names of the Buddha. Sometimes it is simply a reminder to be aware. The traditional number of beads in a mala is 108. The beads themselves, made from variety of seeds, wood, and semiprecious stones, are worn around the neck or wrapped in coils around the wrist.

Total Length: 32" round
Beads Size: 8mm
Weight: 40 grams

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