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Fair Trade Felted Singing Bowl Mallet Striker-Small

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This is a fair trade guaranteed wooden singing bowl mallet or striker. A perfect stick to play small to large singing bowls.The felt wrapping increases the friction of the mallet while it comes into play with the singing bowl enhancing better vibrations and sound.

These wooden mallet or striker are made by artisans who have had leprosy, polio or are disabled. Our fair trade associate found the artists and offered to treat them. After they were cured, they were trained to work independently so that they could survive in our society independently. We work closely with them to market their products and also help them financially and in every other way to help them elevate their lifestyle and status.

Now these artists, knitters, tailors work with our associate partner on various products and designs. The materials are the best in the industry and the design and stitching is second to none. The best thing about these mallet is that it hugely supports the livelihood of these underprivileged artisans and also help send their kids to school.

We are very proud to bring these products to you which has a great story behind them. Each of your purchases help provide them work.

Size: 5 inches
Weight:30 grams.