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Exquisite Large Potala Palace Tibetan Prayer Wheel 33cm High

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This is a Large Copper Prayer Wheel in a beautiful Tibetan Potala Palace Design metal frame. The highlight of this prayer wheel is the Tibetan Potala Gate Frame which is elaborately carved, embossed and has numerous metal work. The copper prayer wheels are filled with paper rolls full of powerful Om Mani Mantra inside the hollow cylinder.

The prayer wheel is etched and embossed with Five lines Om Mani Mantra. The frame is embossed with various Tibetan symbols. The Top of the Potala Frame has two deers at each corner. There are embossed Garudas and Dragons. The Standing hollow frame has two elongated dragons carrying the sceptres. The base compartment has Embossing of Tibetan Eight Auspicious Symbols and Mhapi. Several Faux Turquoise and Coral stones are inlaid to bring preciousness to the frame and prayer wheel.

The Potala gate frame has two compartments at the sides below the deer which opens up like a lid. The two compartments are to store or keep your incense sticks. The base has a large compartment which slides out. The chamber is to place the burning incense. The smoke and exhaust comes out of several holes below the prayer wheel base which denotes to devotion, purity, compassion and peace.

The work details on this beautiful peace is very worthy of an applause and takes upto 15 days to complete. Our artisan has put his best skills and ancient technique to use while making this excellent work of art.

Size: 13" H X 10" L X 4.3" W
Weight: 1470 grams

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