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Endless Knot Painted Tibetan Wooden Jewelry Box

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This is a beautiful hand carved box and it is hand painted in Nepal.

You can use this box to put your jewelry, keys, small sized  items in a safe manner. There is a lock in front of the box so that you can keep your valuable items in a safe manner. This box can also be used as a decorative piece. These boxes are trending as home décor these days and are in a lot of demand.

These beautiful Tibetan boxes are hand crafted by one of the Newari Communities of Bhaktapur Nepal, The Prajapatis. After the wooden box is complete, it is then hand painted by the Buddhist community of Tamang in Kathmandu Valley. It takes upto 2 days to complete one box.

Size of Box:10" L x 5" W x 5.5"H
Weight: 770grams approx.