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Eight Auspicious Symbol Printed Silk Blended Offering Scarf

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Color: Green

The Khata is, first of all, the sign of a simple civility, a gesture of offering, of Welcome and of Courteous exchange. Khata is presented in all ceremonies, large and small, public and private. It is usually white, sometimes orange or golden yellow, and sky blue.

Since Tibetans are well known for their pragmatism and for a subtlety bordering on perversity, the giving of the Khata obeys a code that is richer in meanings than may first be apparent. In a Society where etiquette has always been important- to the point where it was formerly possible to ascertain a person's precise rank from the level of the rugs on which he was posed- the ritual of the Khata casts a special light.

The khata is printed with eight auspicious symbol.

Size: 76"x 19"
Weight: 70 grams approx