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Dragon Embroidered Singing Bowl Ring Cushion 17cm

Original price US$7.90 - Original price US$9.99
Original price
US$7.90 - US$9.99
Current price US$9.99
Color: Golden

These beautiful Dragon Embroidered Round Cushion/Pillows are perfect to place your singing bowls. These are firm and would hold your singing bowls or crystal balls perfectly. The filling consists primarily of Jute and the outer cover is Silk Brocade embroidered with fine shiny thread. Our women artists sew and then twine the long 1.2 inch wide strap of silk brocade onto the jute filling firmly to make the pillow.

The beautiful designs of dragons and flowers give the pillow an awesome look which in turn will enhance the beauty and power of the singing bowls/crystal balls as well. The singing bowl will fit tightly in the pillow and you can even strike the singing bowl placed over the pillow.

Please find your favorite color in the variation.

Sizes: 17 cmØ Diameter X 2.5 cm H / 6.7"Ø diameter X 1" H (Cushion Size)
Weight: 125 grams