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Double Dorjee & Tibetan Auspicious Symbol Clay Wall Hanging

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This is a beautifully hand carved and painted clay wall hanging hand made in Nepal.

Vajra is an important ritual tool in the Buddhist Dharma. Normally a Vajra is accompanied by the bell which already has a half Vajra attached to it. Bell sounds the Dharma Sound.

Vajra is also a weapon which is considered to be the main wrathful source of Thunderstorm. It is indestructible and sometimes compared with a diamond.

This wall hanging is has been amazingly carved giving each details perfectly. The outer border of the wall hanging is carved as a flame in golden color. Double dorjee is carved and hand painted along with Tibetan eight auspicious symbol.

This is a very unique wall hanging which not only adds beauty to your home but it is It is one of the eight symbol of good luck.

Size: 14" Diameter x 2" Height/ 36 cm Diameter X 5 cm Height
Weight: 2260 grams approx