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Dorje NgalSo Tibetan Incense for Protection - Set of 5

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The incense for the well-being of body and mind and for purification of the home and the environment.

This formula was composed by one of this centuries greatest masters of the Tibetan Gelugpa tradition: the Venerable Pabongka Rinpoche, teacher of the tutors of the XIV Dalai Lama and author of many famous texts on Buddhist philosophy and tantra.
This incense was specifically created to protect the people and the environment against all negativeness and generate positive energy.
It is exclusively composed of precious healing herbs, without the addition of aromatic wood.

This incense is produced entirely by hand.

It also comes with the ceramic incense holder shown in the image.

Keep out of the reach of children and pets and away from all flammable materials.
Never leave burning incense unattended and avoid drafty areas such as open windows etc.

No. of incense sticks: 20
Length of incense stick: 6 inches approx.
Burning Time: 65 minutes approx.
Weight: 35 grams approx.