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Crystal Tara Handpainted Standing Statue

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Elevate your spiritual space with the exquisite Crystal Standing Tara Statue on a Copper Base. This intricately crafted masterpiece brings together the elegance of crystal and the strength of copper filigree work. Standing at 23cm, this statue features a crystal representation of the revered Tara deity, embodying compassion and grace. The copper base not only lends stability but also adds a touch of opulence.

The fusion of crystal, copper, and filigree work creates a harmonious blend of visual allure and spiritual significance. Tara's presence exudes compassion and serenity, while the detailed craftsmanship showcases dedication and artistry. Let this sculpture grace your space with its transcendent beauty and profound symbolism, a testament to the union of art and spirituality.

Materials used:
Main Figure: Crystal
Base: Copper Filigree

Work: Intricately Detailed Copper
Additional Elements: Genuine Stones

Height: 23cm