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Crystal Carving Buddha 's Life Antique Finishing

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Embrace the essence of Gautam Buddha's Lumbini journey with our "Antique Finish Crystal Carving." This meticulously crafted piece showcases the artistry of crystal carving, encapsulating the spirit of Lord Buddha's arrival at Lumbini, welcomed by Brahma, Vishnu, and Indra. The rough Himalayan crystal, delicately carved, captures intricate details that tell a story of devotion.

The antique finishing adds a touch of vintage allure, evoking the passage of time and history. The result is a captivating handicraft artwork that harmonizes meticulous craftsmanship with an aged aesthetic. With a height of 18cm and a width of 22cm, this piece stands as a tribute to ancient tales, seamlessly blending art and spirituality in a unique masterpiece.

Materials used:
Hand-carved Rough Himalayan Crystal, Wooden Stand
Work: Intricately Detailed Copper
Additional Elements: Genuine Stones

Height: 18cm,
Width: 22cm