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Cotton Om Shawl With Fringes

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Color: Blue

Om Prayer Shawl, Om Shawl, Om Yoga Shawl, Cotton Meditation Shawl with fringes

Commonly known as Om Shawl, Yoga Shawl, Meditation Shawl, Meditation prayer Shawl, Prayer Shawl, Prayer Shawl, Om Prayer Shawl.

In Hinduism, it is believed that one should first possess a clear mind and a pure body before worshipping the god or goddess. This applies not only for Pujas and worshipping of gods but for everything we do including meditation, healing process, yoga or any specific spiritual activities.

This is a high quality cotton OM Shawl with the image of Lord Shiva printed in it along with the Shiva Mantra “OM Namah Shivaya”, which means “I bow to Shiva”. Shiva is the ultimate reality, the inner self. It is the name given to the perception that resides in all. Shiva is the name of your true identity- Yourself.

OM is the shortest Mantra in Hindu Religion. The reverberation of this word allows us to uphold mental and emotional serenity, conquer difficulties and enable understanding. This shawl can be worn while practicing yoga and doing meditation or for a normal day to keep you warm & cozy.

Measurement:(in inches):70"L X 40"W
Weight: 130 grams

Available in three sizes:
Measurement:(in inches)

Large: 70 '' H X 40"' W / Weight: : 130 grams