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Cotton Buddhist Nagpa Shawl

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Introducing the Cotton Nagpa Shawl: Discover comfort and mindfulness with our Cotton Nagpa Shawl, meticulously designed for your meditation practice. Crafted from cotton fabric, this shawl offers breathability and softness, creating a serene environment for deep meditation sessions. The Nagpa design, adorned with intricate patterns and soothing colors, adds a touch of spiritual significance and tranquility to your meditation space.

Wrap yourself in the gentle embrace of the Cotton Nagpa Shawl as you cultivate mindfulness and inner calm. Its lightweight and versatile nature makes it ideal for year-round use, providing warmth and comfort during your meditation rituals. Whether you're a seasoned practitioner or beginning your journey into meditation, our Cotton Nagpa Shawl is an essential accessory for creating a peaceful and harmonious meditation atmosphere. Experience the serenity and mindfulness of this exquisite shawl and enhance your meditation practice today.

Size: 101" x 40" + 4 inch fringes
Weight: 530 grams approx.