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Copper White Tara Statue 6" H

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The White Tara statue represents the compassionate and healing aspect of Tibetan Buddhism.

Depicted as a serene goddess with a white complexion, she is often portrayed seated with one hand extended in a gesture of generosity and the other holding a white lotus flower, symbolizing purity. White Tara is revered for her ability to grant blessings of long life, health, and protection. Practitioners of Tibetan Buddhism turn to her with devotion, reciting specific mantras and engaging in meditation to seek her guidance and assistance in alleviating suffering and achieving inner peace. This statue serves as a focal point for veneration and inspiration, embodying the qualities of compassion, wisdom, and purity that White Tara represents.

Size: 6.1" Height x 4.9" Wide x 2.4" Depth
Weight: 615 grams approx